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Move-In Ch.2
"Yeah it's still available, come in." The male let the girl into his apartment. She looked around the place as he shut the door.
"Nice place." The girl complimented. "Where's the-?"
Nero gestured to the vacant room. "Over there."
"Thanks." She smiled then went over to the room. When the girl was gone from his sights, he leaned against the wall. I can't believe a girl is interested in this room… A sigh escaped his lips. His palms were on his face. Kyrie wasn't going to be happy when she comes over and sees this chick around the apartment. Thoughts of him cheating on her would race through her head once she sets her eyes on the other girl. It'll damper their relationship. Sorry babe…But I really need the money. He then straightened his stance then went over to the vacant room which was to his left. Once he entered the room he saw that the girl took off her hat and glasses. Now he could fully see what she looked like. Short black hair was in
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Ch. 5: My name is....
A month passed after that night, I discovered somethings about Dante; For example, the man adored pizza, without olives and strawberry sundaes. However there was still so much that was hidden within but it didn't seem to matter at the time.  What mattered was getting my memory back or Dante in general. But as time rolled Lady and Trish grew on me and later they to were important to me. The three of them…Were the only people I actually considered my 'family'. Days with them were relaxing and filled with much jubilation. Despite Dante's and Lady's bickering from time to time. Which were funny. Especially when it came to choosing my 'temporary name'. At first my name was going to be "Britney" (apparently I looked like one) but that was soon shot down then there was suggestion for "Jasmine" as my name. The heterochromatic woman and platinum haired male drew their last straws and the words flew. Trish and I watched them for a small while then went to the kitchen to eat something
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Gibbs Logan Foster by Kyragirl67 Gibbs Logan Foster :iconkyragirl67:Kyragirl67 6 10 I can't see my friends~?! by Kyragirl67 I can't see my friends~?! :iconkyragirl67:Kyragirl67 1 22 Kyle Revisioned by Kyragirl67 Kyle Revisioned :iconkyragirl67:Kyragirl67 5 17
Ch. 4 Lady and Trish
The man then came back into the room with two plates of pizza in his hands and gave me one.
"Here babe, it's sorta hot so be careful." he told before handing it to me. I nodded and held the plate with caution. He then sat next to me and set his paten on the coffee table.
"Did ya remember anything while I was gone?" I shook my head sadly.
"That sucks…" He took a bite of his pizza. I nodded in agreement and also ate some of my pizza. There was a moment of silence between us. From what Agni and Rudra told me, the man who sits right next to me is a 'Demon Hunter'.
They also explained to me that the creature that attacked me the night before was a demon. Agni added that some demons attack people for no reason but other times they do. Rudra also inputed that if the creature did have a reason it was most likely one of my family members' fault. I thought about it for a moment. Is it okay to blame them?….Whoever they are…
"You're quiet again babe." The red coated man said.
"Oh so
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Move In Ch.1
About a month later after his best friend moved out the state. Nero put up an ad to get what's now an empty room to be rented. He never put an ad this quickly before but times are getting tough for him. His work hours at the warehouse were cut in half so now he only gets paid half. Whippy-freakin-do Nero could say to himself as he sits at how basically waiting for summer to end. But his day hasn't been to boring.
       About two people came to check out the room.One was a young adult male about his friends age and the other was a middle aged man. Which Nero found a little weird but hey he won't judge. None of the men were interested in the room. Nero sighed as he turned on the tele to watch something to pass the time. Nothing good seemed to be on except talkshows and advertisements. After Nero had enough with women talking about feelings, he went to his room and fired up his computer.
Nero logged onto his ChatShack account and sent a chat request to
:iconkyragirl67:Kyragirl67 3 15
Coat and Gloves
The Twins of DMC, Kyle and Kyra were relaxing alone while Dante, Rose and Nero went on a mission. Their friends suggested the twins take a day off and relax. To bad that they didn't leave anything for the twins to do.
"Nya~! Nii-san~.." Kyra whined hanging on her brother. "I'm….BORED~…" Her brother sighed.
"Well find something to do… And stop hanging on me."
"Nuuu~….Not until you give me an idea of what to do~"
"Okay fine. Why don't you go and raid Dante's room or something'?" Kyle told his sister without thinking. The girl's eyes grew with excitement.
"Okay!" She then darted up the stairs. Kyle smiled then went on with his word search, a second later. He just realized what he told his sister then knit his brow, knowing his sister was doing what he thought she was doing.
"I am SO~ screwed later…" He groaned as he let his book hit his head. About ten minutes later, his sister came downstairs.
"Hey Nii-san! Look what I found in Dante's closet!" She exclaimed. He
:iconkyragirl67:Kyragirl67 2 8
Secret Santa Sparkymail by Kyragirl67 Secret Santa Sparkymail :iconkyragirl67:Kyragirl67 4 2
Ch.3 Agni and Rudra
Never have I thought a man can be so handsome. Is this the man who saved me? I thought as I admired him. He had icy-blue eyes and snowy white hair that was shoulder length and covered his eyes partially. Yes it is.
"You sure are quiet babe." He chuckled. "Did the cat get your tongue last night?"
I shook my head 'no' quickly. "Heh. It seems like it…" He leaned back lazily. He was very muscular, I could tell by the impression of his body. But he couldn't muscular without strength, after all he did take on that monstrous creature the night before. A sudden ring of the telephone broke the trifling silence. He stomped his foot on the desk hard enough to lob it into the air and catch it. It looked…..Awesome.
"Devil May Cry?…" He answered. I watched as he listened to the stranger on the phone.
"Okay…..Where?……Okay I'll be there." He hanged the phone up and slipped into the red jacket on the coat-hanger beside him. The man then went over to a wal
:iconkyragirl67:Kyragirl67 2 65
Kyd the Protector
"You guile boy! I know you have the stone! Now tell me where you hid it!" A large man shrieked at a boy who was tied to a chair.
The boy had a rugged yet photogenic appearance. Dark brown hair,light green eyes and a slim but muscular body. He could be a model if he wanted to, but not with all the nasty burns and deep flesh wounds that covered his body.
"Don't make me ask you again! Where is it?" The man cried at the top of his lungs,making the boy smirk.The man noticed the boy's expression and growled. "The only reason why you have that smirk on your dirty little face is 'cause my boss forbid me from beating on you more." The man said. "But…Don't worry, once we find your sister. We'll make her talk. On way or another." He chuckled evilly. The boy's smirk disappeared and to an angry expression. The young male stared at the older and larger male,anger burned in his light green eyes. The elder just snorted and exited the room,leaving the youth alone.
The youngster observed the empty
:iconkyragirl67:Kyragirl67 1 0
Move In: Prologue
"Can't you just ask your Dad if you can stay here instead?" A young male with white hair and blue eyes asked, as he carried a box outside of an apartment to a parked van.
"I already told ya kid." Said an older teen who resembles the younger teen, but with a mature look. "I have to go out of state. You know….Family business." The older teen grinned as he unlocked the van and loaded it with some belongings of his. The younger teen placed the box inside the van and pushed it away so he could sit down inside, he sighed.
"I'm starting to think your family is involved with the mafia or something."
The older teen looked at the youngster with a questionable face then laughed. He sat by him and patting his back alittle.
"Nah Nero, my family isn't Mafia material. That's for sure, kid."
"Will you stop calling me "kid" Dante? You sound like an old man." Nero replied, moving Dante's hand away. Dante chuckled and smiled at his friend. Nero look down at the ground and realized something. The eld
:iconkyragirl67:Kyragirl67 1 11
Ch.2 ThunderHeart
I quickly opened my eyes, shivering in fear and sweating. Did I just wake from a nightmare? I thought to myself. At that moment I noticed that I was no longer in the safety of the man's arms and in a foreign bedroom. I sat up and observed the room and searched for him. He wasn't in the room with me, I was disappointed. The room was inky and the night was still adolescent. I recall staring at the out the window out the window at the moon, how appealing it was and the way the rain slapped against the glass embellished the night.
As I gazed out the window, I began to unwind. Just like when I was in his arms, I began to close my eyes again.
My eyes instantly opens, jerked off the futon and hitting the floor. The sudden noise of thunder startled me. I peeked over the futon, looking out the window once more.
I swiftly dashed out of the room, like a dog with it's tail between it's legs. The hallway was darker then the bedroom I scurried from. I was sti
:iconkyragirl67:Kyragirl67 1 12
Move In: Summary
It's the beginning of Junior year and Nero's Best friend/Roommate Dante is moving to another state. Starting the school year without his best friend and having to find a new roommate also being an orphan, life for Nero wasn't very pleasant until a girl named Kyra came to live with him.
Strangely they both have alot in common. Will the two become best friends or something more? And what obstacles will they face together?
In "Move In"
:iconkyragirl67:Kyragirl67 2 13
Kodak Moment
"Kyle!" A voice cried. A young fit male peered up from his word search. His eyes were violet in color and his hair was long and black and his bangs, purple.
"Yea?" Kyle called back to the voice. "What is it Kyra?"
"Can you come over here real quick~?"
Kyle sighed and tread over to his twin sister's room.
"Okay, I'm here now. So what was it you needed?" Kyle asked, rubbing the back of his head.
"I need you to tell me how I look in this dress." Kyra answered. Kyle sighed, more petulantly this time.
"You look great Kyra."
"I didn't even come out yet!"
Kyle yawned and stared off to the side. Damn was he tired this mourning. His bed was so uncomfortable that night he didn't even get a minute of sleep. Great, time to get a new mattress.
"Kyle! You're not looking!"
Kyra's complaints made Kyle lose his train of thought. The young male then turned his head towards the door and blushed lightly.
Kyra embellished herself with a pair of ruby earrings, silver necklace and some make-up. Something Kyl
:iconkyragirl67:Kyragirl67 2 36
Ch1. Distant Memories
"Your time is up girl."
I remember a voice echoing to me as I was falling into limbo
"But don't worry, everyone eventually meets death."
I don't remember who said that to me, but I do recall the tone of the voice. Cold and evil. Please don't ask me whether I lived or not because if I didn't I wouldn't be here now,would I? But anyway, back to the story. I don't how long I was unconscious but while I was going in and out of consciousness, I heard fighting, screaming…Gun shots and swords clashing together.
If I recollect my memories correctly, there was a red blur moving extremely fast back and forth. So little that I can reminisce on, but that doesn't mean I'm over telling you what happened. Was it raining on that day we met?…..Yes, yes it was in fact raining on that day, cold wetness from the shower, but still no recollection of being soaking wet. By now you're probably wondering why I just keep babbling on about what I do and don't remember and when I'm actually going to tell
:iconkyragirl67:Kyragirl67 2 26
Check out my writing and drawings and tell me what you think ^^ (No mean comments please)


The Final Hour by Ry-Spirit The Final Hour :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 3,787 118 I GIVE MY HEART TO YOU by Ry-Spirit I GIVE MY HEART TO YOU :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 10,190 491 Storm Inside Me by Valentina-Remenar Storm Inside Me :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 3,872 379 Lauren! behind you! by bleedman Lauren! behind you! :iconbleedman:bleedman 3,220 75
Koujaku x Fem!Reader Oneshot ~ Periods Suck!

"...(Y/N)." You hear the familiar voice call out. You turn around in the bed. "Mm... Nhg.." You let out, getting comfortable again. "(Y/N), wake up. It's already ten." The voice says again. Hearing the time makes you groan displeased. You gently get shaken around and involuntarily open your eyes. Still being tired and not wanting to get up, you close your eyes again and finally speak. "Five more minutes."
"No way, I already said so. You said that half an hour ago, too. Get up already." You hear and give it another shot. "Four more minutes..." You feel yourself falling asleep again. "Nope." Another try. "One minute..." You hear the person sigh. "(Y/N)~" He cooes. "I'll attack you if you don't wake up." He says in a serious tone. "Mnh.. Whatever, do your worst..." You say.
"Jeez." Your boyfriend's laughing voice startles your sleepy being as the futon rustles and shakes. "(Y/N). Wake up!" He says. "Hmn.. Eh?! Aha... Hahahaha- H-hey! Koujaku!" You feel
:icondafanficgirl:dafanficgirl 151 23
Granny~ Aoba Seragaki x Reader - DRAMAtical Murder
"Will you get me the good tea cups dear?"
"Of course Tae-chan!"
{Name} walked past the grandmother in the small kitchen and stood on her tippy toes and reached up. As she did so a pair of arms wrapped around her frame. She let out a little squeal, almost dropping the one cup she had managed to grab from the top shelf.
She looked back to see a pair of golden eyes staring back down at her. She sighed, "Aoba.." He grinned, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to her lips. He let out an airy laugh before stepping back.
"Glad to be home! And to see my-"
"Arg! G-Granny! W-What was-" "You leave that young girl alone! She was just fine helping me~" There stood granny, a large spoon in hand and glaring at her grandson. "What are trying to do, give her a heart attack?" She asking in irritation.
{Name} held back a laugh, grabbing the rest of the tea cups and taking them to the kitchen table. "I was just giving her a kiss.." He mumbled pouting and rubbing the growing bump on his head.
:iconstar4848:star4848 431 31
.:Behind The Mask:. by lolomgftwbbtheque .:Behind The Mask:. :iconlolomgftwbbtheque:lolomgftwbbtheque 31 3
Soooo. It's been a while. :3.
Well I've been good. Just dealing with school and life. ^^. Last year ended nicely.  I went to DisneyLand during Christmas and it was so much fun~. I got hella sick, and kinda still a little sick, afterwords but I don't regret going~. Sacanime was at the beginning of the year too, and I had so much fun. ^^. It was a little different because of the cosplays my friends and I did, but it's cool ^^.
Have been kind of drawing now and then. But not that much /:  trying to get more into realistic drawing styles just so that my anatomy and stuff gets better, but noses are just no. Haha. Shading too >
:iconakimi-chan15:Akimi-Chan15 1 0
Baymax and Hamada brother 2 by aulauly7 Baymax and Hamada brother 2 :iconaulauly7:aulauly7 254 12 Baymax and Supguy by aulauly7 Baymax and Supguy :iconaulauly7:aulauly7 452 18 Baymax and Hamada brother by aulauly7 Baymax and Hamada brother :iconaulauly7:aulauly7 565 12 Big hero 6_A warm hug from Baymax by aulauly7 Big hero 6_A warm hug from Baymax :iconaulauly7:aulauly7 444 21 2014 of art Meme by aulauly7 2014 of art Meme :iconaulauly7:aulauly7 117 10 Happy B-day Rita by aulauly7 Happy B-day Rita :iconaulauly7:aulauly7 193 5 Digisketchbook 15 by bleedman Digisketchbook 15 :iconbleedman:bleedman 3,029 105 Digisketchbook 14 by bleedman Digisketchbook 14 :iconbleedman:bleedman 4,309 185
Look at all the 'COOL' Things I LIKE ^w^~




1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs.
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people. (BUT I'M NOT GOING TO DO THAT)

Tagged by: :iconphantomrose91:
Her Questions:
What inspires you to draw/write?

Well...Umm.... Lots of things to inspire me to write. Like.. Music...Television shows... Movies.. VIDEO GAMES. Skies the limit~ with that for me.

Do you see yourself in art for a career?

Sadly. I use to. But now I'd rather write then draw. Knowing this makes me a bit sad, but hey! I could do something that'll let me use creativity!

Why are my questions so serious?

Pff~ IDK you tell meh~. Maybe because you like deep questions like me?

What power would you love to possess?

Really Rose?... REALLY?! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THIS QUESTION HAUNTS THIS 16 YEAR OLD FUCKING MIND?! *Pants* IDK I can't decide if I wanna be SUPER FAST, TELEKINESIS, TELEPORTATION, or STRENGTH. No flying though! Screw flying. Everyone chooses that one >_>#. GAHHH~! Now I think I want the power to heal! THanks Rose!

.... Would you do a collab with me? :3

YOu know... You don't need to ask you know.. You could'v been like this;
You: Hey
Me: Yeah?
You: Wanna do collab?
Me: SURE! What kind of collab you wanna do? Oh just let you know I suck at anything art related. Sorry. But I can write. That's fo sho!
You: Ok!
You and me soon are brainstorming then BOW Soon we're putting things in order BOW we're taking turns writing BOW we're putting the final touches THEN FINALLY SHA-ZAM! A beautiful piece of work is BORN~!

Did you love that simulation as much as I did? uh-huh I know you did~

Kay, guess this is the time I tag people and make them answer questions?

My questions:
1) What's up with you today?
2) So how do we know eachother and how did we meet?
3) Let's get down to business now, List the fandoms are you in.
4) Okay, nice list. So are you a writer or a drawer or something else?
5) Do you Roleplay? If so, who's your muse? If not, why not?
6) Are you getting tired of my constant curiousity? If yes or no, I'm sorry.
7) Couple more questions after this, kay? Alright. Who's your fave(s) fictional character(s)?
8) What do you think of my art and writing?
9) Last question. Who are you going to tag after this?

I tagged:



United States
LOL I'm a wierdo~

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So much for getting purple on this quiz *Shrugs* Oh well...

Which Hetalia Character Are You?
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